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Pharrell’s New Necklace!

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Check out this dope accessory worn by Pharrell.

I actually almost bought something that’s pretty similar to his. It’s got some good meaning behind it as well. Check it out:



Official “Everyone Nose” Remix Video

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Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and N.E.R.D have released their official “Everyone Nose” remix video.

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“Everyone Nose” Remix Video Shoot

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Here is a bit more footage from the CRS “Everyone Nose” video shoot. This is a video of Pusha T doing his thing.

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CRS Shooting First Video on Wednesday

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Lupe Fiasco said CRS is shooting a new video on Wednesday. I really hope it’s true. There’s no news on what song, and it shouldn’t be “Us Placers.” Who knows, maybe they got a new song that they’ve been hiding from us.

Here is the video of Lupe Fiasco talking about the video shoot:

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Kanye West, Lupe & Pharrell - Sky High Graduates

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This is a brand new song by Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and Pharrell called “Sky High Graduates.”

The song can be officially found on the Dub Floyd, Hevehitta, & Kanye West “Fast Forward” mix tape. You can download the full mix tape by clicking here. I highly recommend this download/buy. There are tons of good mixes on with Kanye West and a few featuring Lupe Fiasco. There are about 30 songs on there and all are worth a listen.

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N.E.R.D Album Signing in London

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I have a friend who went to London for the new N.E.R.D album signing. He says the experience was unbelievable. Here are some exclusive pictures for this blog:

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