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Pharrell Continues the CRS Mystery

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As we all know, Lupe Fiasco is part of CRS (Child Rebel Soldier). Pharrell was recently asked about CRS while talking to As you read through the interview, you’ll notice that Pharrell is not giving away anything about the group’s projects. The fans are waiting for updates but they are not coming. Here’s a little bit about what Pharrel had to say when asked about Child Rebel Soldier. Now I know Lupe was on stage talking about filming the Child Rebel Soldier video and there’s a video about the video that’s leaked. This project was really kept under wraps and now the secret’s out, but why was it kept such a secret for so long?

Pharrell: Well I don’t know what you’re talking about. [laughs] Not fair, even Lupe said it.

Pharrell: What did he say? He said we’re filming the Child Rebel Soldier video.

Pharrell: Ohh you mean CRS. Ohhh CRS – ohh Ciara, Rihanna and Shakira. Yeah, [laughs] that’s the project I was talking about.

Pharrell: That’s gonna be cool. CRS stands for “can’t really sing.”
That was corny but it worked.

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Common Interview - Kanye Beats

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This may not be about Lupe Fiasco, but it’s still interesting. It’s a pretty short interview with Common in which he speaks about his album and working with Kanye West.

“Common passed on this beat, I made it to a jam.” - Kanye West

Common’s New Song

Common’s new song is called “Announcement” featuring Pharrell. For a direct download, click here.

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