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New Song by Lupe and Kanye

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This was just posted on the Kanye blog:

“I made this 43 minute record for Nike that just came out today (ahem, cop it on iTunes). The version that’s on sale features my boy Kid Cudi but I originally had Lupe on that track. We couldn’t geet clearance for Lu so i had to take him off. But now that the record’s out, you can have his version. A present… from me to you. ”

Click here to download and listen to the track.

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Dope Kanye West Video - Trying To Make It

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This is a rather old video of Kanye West, but it’s damn cool. Watch it and see how Kanye tries to make it in the music industry. In the beginning you see Kanye walking through the mall in Chicago and nobody even noticing him. Imagine Kanye walking through a mall near you nowadays!

Favorite freestyle quote has got to be “you gotta be rich just to be poor there.”