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Crazyness at Justice Concerts - Justice Interview

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“We, we, we, we, we…..”

Haha, check out this interview with Justice. Their concerts seem to be craaaaazy. I hope Lupe Fiasco is still planning on making an album with them.



Lupe Fiasco & Justice Remix “The Coolest”

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Lupe Fiasco is remixing The Cool with French house artist Justice. Lupe performed a remix of The Coolest at the Glow in the Dark tour. I was there and I can say that the song is unreal. It has a unique and cool sound to it. It looks like we got something really good coming up! Lupe Fiasco will remix his “The Cool” album with Justice. I’m sure this will be only one of the many great songs they’ll mix up.

Below is the video of Lupe Fiasco performing the remix version of “The Coolest” at the Glow in the Dark concert. There is also a version made by DJ MiniMaxX which you can download. This is not the actual version made by Lupe Fiasco and Justice, so watch out. I think the Lupe and Justice version is way better. But since it’s not out yet, click here to check out th DJ MiniMaxX version.

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