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Common Interview - Kanye Beats

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This may not be about Lupe Fiasco, but it’s still interesting. It’s a pretty short interview with Common in which he speaks about his album and working with Kanye West.

“Common passed on this beat, I made it to a jam.” - Kanye West

Common’s New Song

Common’s new song is called “Announcement” featuring Pharrell. For a direct download, click here.

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Common - Go Remix by K-Salaam & Beatnick

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I just found this new remix of Common’s “Go” by K-Salaam & Beatnick. Apparently, Common is making a remix album just like Lupe Fiasco is. It should be hot.

You can listen to Common’s “Go” remix song and download it by clicking here.

For those of you who have not heard Common’s first song off his upcoming Invincible Summer album, you must check it out. It’s called U.M.C. (Universal Mind Control) and features Pharrell.

Listen or download the U.M.C. (Universal Mind Control) song by clicking here.

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Common goes off on Freestyle!

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I know this is no Common site, but we gotta give the man some credit. If you love Lupe, you probably enjoy Common as well. Both make that good music. Check out this freestyle he did at Northwestern University Dillo Day.


I ask, can I kick it? Yo, you say, ‘yes you can,’
I love to kick it with my people in Evanston

You know how it is, yo the C to the O, double M, O, N,
I’m at Northwestern

You should understand I come, yo, with the wild raps
I gotta give love. To who? The Wildcats

And it’s all good yo, I can just say,
I display this rhyme on uh, Dillo Day

Cuz it’s all good, for the people in the hood,
The brotha Common Sense sometimes misunderstood

Y’all know how to work this, I’m never short circuits,
I’m talkin I was misunderstood on Electric Circus

But I came back with a style that was free,
And people called the album that was classy, it was Be

And after that we put some bullshit, yo together,
That’s when I did an album called uh, Finding Forever

And you know what happened yo, Common Sense go through the jungle,
I might go party up in Hundo

And have a little fun, yo I get it done,
The brotha Common Sense don’t need no damn gun

But when it come to this y’all, yo I’m never tasteless,
I made to held a gun when I was in Smokin Aces

But that was all cool, cuz I came to rule,
I love to get live when I come to Northwestern school

This is what I’m tellin y’all, it’s nonstop,
After these flows I might go paint the Rock

And we can get by, I came to survive,
My people right there they want to know what defies

And it’s all good, Common Sense makes no mistakes,
Cuz at midnight, we can jump in the lake

And make it all good, the things’ll come right,
I love to get love on a Saturday night

The way the beat just drop, yo, you know I’m the rock,
I might go just party and get some food at Flat Top

And it’ll be there, Common Sense might stare,
The people out in the crowd put their hands in the air,

The microphone get loud, MCs I riled,
I might go party at the dorm called Bobb

Cuz it’s all there, for the people right here,
Common Sense always been clear when the people just cheer

It’s the dopest shit I do yo, just to get clout,
I make that coochie breathe in and breathe out

And girls with ideas, who get sorta nasty,
Some different questions they always wanna ask me

They be like, ‘Common you a philosopher?’
Yeah yeah, I philosophize on top of ya

I get the rock in ya, I get the stop in ya,
and let you know, yo that coochie I can pop with ya

And if you want to, I can do what I can with these flows,
I see my man with the camera, so I pose…

Yo, take your picture real quick, so I can get this shit sparked,
I could freestyle like this on a tour Glow in the Dark

That’s my man Kanye yo, he got the words,
It’s him Lupe Fiasco, Rihanna and N.E.R.D.

They was gettin real loud, right out of the crowd,
But Common Sense you know he’s got the fuckin dopest freestyle

So listen to the style, yo the style I push,
I say vote for Obama, and uh, fuck Bush!

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