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We have created this page to show off all of Lupe Fiasco’s music. Here you will find his songs and music videos from all his albums and mixtapes. There are also plenty of remixes and special feature videos. Just click on any song title and you’ll get to see the video or song.

Food & Liquor

Real ft. Sarah Green
Just Might Be OK ft. Gemini
Kick, Push
I Gotcha
The Instrumental ft. Jonah Matranga
He Say She Say ft. Gemini & Sarah Green
Daydreamin’ ft. Jill Scott
The Cool
Hurt Me Soul
Pressure ft. Jay-Z
American Terrorist ft. Matthew Santos
The Emperor’s Soundtrack
Kick Push 2

The Cool

Free Chilly ft. Sarah Green & Gemstones
Go Go Gadget Flow
The Coolest
Superstar ft. Matthew Santos
Paris, Tokyo
Hi-Definition ft. Snoop Dogg & Pooh Bear
Gold Watch
Hip-Hop Saved My Life ft. Nikki Jean
Intruder Alert ft. Sarah Green
Streets on Fire
Little Weapon ft. Nikki Jean & Bishop G
Gotta Eat
Dumb It Down ft. Gemstones & Graham Burris
Hello/Goodbye- Uncool
The Die ft. Gemstones
Put You on Game
Fighters ft. Matthew Santos
Go Baby ft. Gemstones

Live Performance Videos

Real - Live Performance
I Gotcha - Live Performance
The Instrumental - Live Performance
He Say, She Say - Live Performance
Daydreamin’ - Live at Spring Break
Daydreamin’ Live at Glow in the Dark Tour
Hurt Me Soul Live Performance
The Coolest Live ft. Justice - Glow in the Dark Tour
The Coolest Acapella Live
Superstar Live Performance
Superstar Live - Glow in the Dark Tour
Paris, Tokyo Live Performance
Paris, Tokyo Live at Spring Break
Paris, Tokyo at Sound
Hip Hop Saved My Life Live Performance
Streets on Fire Live Performance
Fighters Live Performance - Glow in the Dark

Other Songs & Remixes

Lupe Speaks about The Cool
Real - Chopped and Screwed
Kick, Push - Midas Touch Remix
I Gotcha - Piano Version
I Gotcha - J MAR Remix
The Instrumental - Making of the Video
Daydreamin’ Remix ft. Nas
The Emperor’s Soundtrack Exclusive Video
Free Chilly Freestyle
Go Go Gadget Flow Chopped and Screwed
The Coolest Remix - Jonathan Emile
Superstar Piano Version by David Sides
Superstar Remix ft. Young Jeezy & T.I.
Hip Hop Saved My Life Remix ft. Young Buck
Comin’ From Where I’m From Remix ft. Anthony Hamilton
Say Goodbye to Love Remix ft. Kenna
Everyone Nose Remix ft. Kanye West, Pharrel, and Pusha T
Superstar Acoustic Version
Cold War - Unreleased Song
Swang On Em ft. Bun B